The Team

Severo Canzian

Severo C. is the Co-Founder of HVR&R, a man of plants and creator of all the Bio-Active and live planted enclosures. He is fearless and confident in his abilities to handle even the most aggressive large snakes and lizards that come through the rescue. Even taming ones deemed by society to be "aggressive." A keeper for over 25 years he enjoys keeping reptiles himself and educating people about proper husbandry practices.

Brian Parkhurst

Brian Parkhurst is the founder and executive director of HVR&R, an experienced keeper and breeder in his own right. Most of his time is spent organizing events and planning the few breeding projects that we conduct yearly, creating content for all our social media sites and coordinating animal surrenders and adoptions. He enjoys being on stage along with all of our animal ambassadors teaching audiences that these wonderful creatures are not wicked monsters out to cause harm, however, they are necessary in the wild to control prey species numbers at the very least. Brian believes that positive and proper networking within the reptile community is the key to the Reptile Hobby’s future.

"Nature is amazing, you just have to look"
-Brian P.

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Bob Gregory

Bob Gregory is the Social Media and PR Director of HVR&R, often times the first line of contact for the organization. A longtime reptile hobbyist, he has worked with a wide variety of species in over 20 years of keeping, and takes great pride in socializing his animals so that they become wonderful ambassadors in our presentations. Bob finds offering his knowledge and guidance to beginners in the hobby especially rewarding, and looks to continue to do his part to advance the successful keeping of reptiles for years to come.


A huge "Thank You" to all of our volunteers, without them we could not do what we do!

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Rachael Bednarz

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Kyrsten Beretsky

Kyrsten Beretsky has always loved reptiles. From borrowing books on lizards from the local library to convincing her preschool teacher that a black rat snake in the school garden wasn't a cobra, she has always sought to learn and educate. She has a passion for writing and teaching, and hopes to lower the amount of fear and negativity that often surrounds reptiles.

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