Available Reptiles 

Adoption Fees

Common Species: $65         Un-common Species: $125

 We have a fee that we charge for adoption. The fees collected provide the housing, heating, feeding, and maintenance of the reptiles in our care until they can find them a forever home. If you would like to meet any of our rescues Click Here to schedule your appointment today!

Thank you for your interest!!

 As the increase of surrender forms flow in we here at the Rescue have decided to reduce the adoption fee's on some reptiles to a "Set Your Own" fee. This is a true set-your-own fee you can offer as little as $1. Of course, you must still have an approved adoption application. Just look for the "Set Your Own Fee" on our list of available reptiles below.


All Royal (Ball) Pythons Morph Fees will be handled on a case by case basis

Leopard Gecko 

Ball Python - 

Ball Python 

Recently Adopted Reptiles

Corn Snake - Excalibur ***Adopted***

Ready to find a forever home!

Kenyan Sand Boa ***Adopted***

Young Boa - ***Adopted***

Ball Python - ***Adopted***

Children's Python - ***Adopted***

This little guy was found on the doorstep of Creatures Comforts Animal Hospital in Poughkeepsie NY. Checked out and then turned over to HVR he has successfully fed 3 times and is ready to find his loving forever home. 

 Black & White Tegu ***Adopted***

Turned over to the Rescue from the UCSPCA. Friendly and handleable this tegu is ready for her forever home. A remarkable beauty, feeding well on many foods including F\T mice, quail eggs, dubia roaches and some veggies (not many but willing to give them a try)

Corn Snake ***Adopted***

Fee "Set Your Own"

Forest Armadillo Lizards ***Adopted***

We have a small colony, however, they are truly social and can be housed together. Pretty interesting and neat little lizards. All must go together. 

Other Reptiles up for Adoption:

Need your pet reptile adopted, and do not have time to wait? 

You can have your Reptile posted here for adoption. A one-time donation to the rescue of $10 (Per Reptile) You can help your pet reptile find a new home while helping others that may not be as fortunate. All you need is a picture, brief description, and contact info, like the posts below, and you are all set. We will post it within 24 hrs of payment.
Thank you for your consideration!! 
Contact us today at 845-206-1689 or Email: Hudsonvalleyreptile@gmail.com

Available Reptiles

As an education-based company, we do purchase reptiles. Sometimes these reptiles do not work out for our educational presentations and this can be for a variety of reasons. While they may not work out for us as animal ambassadors that does not mean they make bad pets, in this section below you will find reptiles that are available for purchase. Please be aware that these animals were not purchased with the rescues funds nor are they to be considered adoptions or rescues. 

Albino California Kingsnake (Female)

Albino California Kingsnake

Standing's Day Gecko - Pending

$75.00ea (1 Left)


"Great people to deal with. I adopted two ball pythons. Very well temperament, healthy snakes. Highly recommend."  

                                                                                         -Michael G.      

"Experienced fast reliable just all out great people, I adopted a boa and couldn’t be happier I recommend the 100percent" 

                                                                                   -Bob P.

"We adopted our adorable Bearded Dragon Rocco from Hudson Valley Reptile Rescue. He is amazing in so many ways. They were highly informative and gave us all we needed to ensure our guy was going to be cared for properly. I would recommend adopting from Hudson Valley Reptile Rescue over purchasing from a pet shop 100% over."

                                                                                       -Jennifer S.

"They did a great job helping me through the process and answering any questions I had, I adopted a ball python from them, and he's become my best friend. Good temperament, very healthy, and the guy was very knowledgeable and careful." 


                                                                                    -Nicolette R.

"We got our bearded dragon, Gator, from HVRR and we will go nowhere else for our pet reptiles! His reptiles have a great temperament, and he will not allow you to go home without knowing the knowledge and care needs of your specific pet! He is great and well worth the hour drive!" 

                                                                                          -Joey W.

"I am continuously amazed at the Hudson Valley Reptile Rescue's professionalism, expertise, and dedication to reptile care and education. They take incredible care of their animals and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping others understand and appreciate these fascinating creatures. I highly recommend their services!"

                                                                                    -Emily V.


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