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We have a number of items for sale including everything from reptile accessories, bioactive clean-up crews, terrariums, feeders, and more!

Bioactive clean-up crew invertebrates include various springtails and isopods. All clean-up crew invertebrates are bred by a local volunteer and are available for local pickup only.

For bioactive clean-up crew sales or questions please email kyrsten.hvrr@gmail.com 

We sell a variety of feeders at very competitive prices. Feeders include frozen rodents and insects. Our available stock varies depending on the animals we are currently caring for at the rescue. We have plenty of decor, water and food bowls, lighting, and more available for sale as well.

For general sales and feeder inquiries please email hudsonvalleyreptile@gmail.com or call (845)206-1689

Available Bioactive Clean-Up Crew

Powder Color var. Isopods

(Porcellionides pruinosus)

$20/15 Qty

These adaptable isopods come in a variety of colors, from browns to grays to oranges!

Dairy Cow Isopods

(Porcellio laevis)

$20/15 Qty

This larger isopod species has a black and white pattern, and a voracious appetite!

Orange Koi Isopods

(Porcellio scaber)

$25/15 Qty

These isopods have orange and white mottling, and can live just about anywhere!

Zebra/Spot Color Mix Isopods

(Armadillidium maculatum)

$25/15 Qty

These adaptable isopods' colors range from black to brown with white markings. 

American Magic Potion Isopods

(Armadilidium vulgare)

$35/15 Qty

These drier climate isopods are white with specks of yellow, black, and sometimes brown.

Clown (Montenegro) Isopods

(Armadillidium klugii)

$30/10 Qty

These isopods feature bright spots along their backs and make a great clean-up crew!

Panda King Isopods

(Cubaris sp.)

$25/10 Qty

These isopods look like little pandas! They prefer humid climates.

Giant High Yellow Isopods

(Porcellio haasi)

$50/10 Qty

This isopod species is huge! They prefer more arid environments, and produce fairly slowly.


Temperate White/Tropical Pink Blend

Contains the classic Temperate White springtails and tropical pink springtails. These two springtail species will coexist, or one will thrive and outcompete the other depending on your environment.

$10 per culture

Trio Springtail Mix

Contains a mix of Temperate White, Tropical Pink, and Orange springtails. These species will either co-exist, or the springtail that's best suited for your enclosure will outcompete the others. Perfect if you are unsure which springtail species will be best!

$20 per culture

All springtail cultures contain enough springtails to start a population in a 20-40gal terrarium. Keep in mind you will want to seed your enclosure before adding your reptile so they can keep up with cleaning duties!