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Hudson Valley Reptile

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Reptile Presentations
(In-Person and Virtual Available)
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Reptile Surrender (Rehome)

Reptile Rescues can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. The joy that we get from ensuring Reptiles find families that will care for them and be made whole by their arrival is practically immeasurable.
UPDATED April 3rd, 2024:

Due to the current influx of surrendered reptiles, we cannot accept any Surrenders at this time.

Reptile Adoption

As a Rescue, a large part of what we do is to try and place displaced reptiles in loving, forever homes.  Great care is taken during the application process to ensure just that. If you are interested in adoption please feel free to contact us. 

Set Your Own Adoption Fee

Interested in Reptiles?
Ever thought of adopting one as a pet?
Visit our public (By Appointment Only) location today.

Located in
Saugerties NY 12477

Text to make an appointment today:
(845) 206-1689 

Free Monthly Newsletter

Created 100% here at the Rescue, our newsletter has articles, pictures, and stories of our animals. Including reptiles that have been adopted along with animals have been surrendered (taken-in) in the previous month. 

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Cassidy Torrence 


  We had such a great experience with Hudson Valley Reptile and Rescue for my son’s birthday party. Brian was thoughtful and mindful of the age group (5-year-olds) in how he delivered all of the information and made it fun and exciting for all the kids. They all got to touch several reptiles and my son got the opportunity to have some one one-on-one time with all of them afterward. Such a cool experience. Thank you so much, Brian!

"A great rescue, very easy to work with. I was looking for an older ball python to adopt and they were easy to talk to and give plenty of info on their animals. Brian is very supportive and helpful. Highly recommend if you're looking for a reptile" 

                                                                                         - Christina M.

 "A incredible organization that cares deeply for their animals and ensuring they have the care they need. Brian was a wealth of knowledge who made sure I knew and had everything necessary to care for my new companion and has remained in contact with me after the adoption to make sure my snake has been settling in well to their new home. I don’t plan to adopt anymore animals myself but can’t recommend this resource enough to those who might be looking to bring a scaley companion into your life."
                                                                                  -Sam D.

"Brian did a great job teaching our Daisy troop about different reptiles! The girls were able to see a few different types and ask questions! Highly recommend! Because of Covid we did a zoom session- which was  great!"                                                                                                     

                                                                       - Jessica C.

"Hudson Valley Reptile and Rescue presented to our middle/high school Liberty Partnerships Program students. Brian is an awesome presenter, and extremely knowledgeable on all things reptile. The students posed many questions and he was able to provide informative and interesting answers.

He has set up an awesome virtual platform to view the reptiles and the students were engaged and excited to see the various species.

I highly recommend Brian as this is a great opportunity to bring learning into the virtual world."
                                                - Laurie  W. 
                                      Liberty Partnerships Program 

"My family and I have adopted 3 reptiles from Hudson Valley Reptile and Rescue and we couldn't be happier. Brian invited us in and made my wife and kids feel right at home. They are committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals that deserve a second chance. If you want to offer a forever home to quality and healthy pet, look no further!"                     
                                                                            -Matthew C.

"I can't recommend them enough. They are on a mission to put good reptiles in the forever homes they deserve. If you can't adopt a reptile, then I suggest supporting them on Pateron. Everything goes towards helping animals in need directly. They also do educational shows to help people learn more about these wonderful animals!"
                                                                                                                          -Dylan C. 

  "The Dino's I've given a forever home to thanks to HVRR. Brian was a huge help and a pleasure to work with. These folks do amazing things and I'm proud to show them my support".   

                                                                                             - Sir-Curtis N.

    "They did a great job hosting a live virtual birthday party for my 11-year-old reptile-loving daughter and several of her friends. They learned so much about all the animals, were able to ask questions, and there were lots of special moments included to make the birthday girl excited. She even got to name one of their new snakes! Highly recommend."
                                                                                  -  Rebecca R.T.

"Brian with Hudson Valley Reptile and Rescue helped us fulfill our wish of owning a snake! We enjoyed visiting all the reptiles in person and learn more about them, which made us change our mind on the type of snake we want. The adoption process was smooth with great communication and education, from the first contact for an appointment to picking up our snake buddy. Not to mention the savings, compared to buying the necessary equipment retail or from breeders! Brian takes time to get to know the character of each reptile and makes sure the animals are healthy and ready for their right new home before they are adopted. Thank you, HVR&R!"
                                                                                                                - Lily E.

"We hired Brian for a child’s birthday party and he was amazing with the children. He really kept them engaged and all the children are still talking about it. It really shows how much he cares for his reptiles, is super knowledgeable and somehow was able to keep 20 kids engaged and comfortable touching the reptiles. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an event or party. Thank you for all you do for the rescued reptiles!"
                                                                                                        - Sham P. 

Tel: (845) 206-1689