HVR&R was invited to bring some serpents to a music video shoot, #Medusa20. Tri-Film Pictures shuttled us from the mainland to an island in the Long Island Sound for a day of filming. The results were purely magic. The video premiered on 12\15\2020. Working with them on this project was exciting (probably more for me than it was for the snakes) I was astounded at the crews' reactions, behind the scenes all of the cast and crew held one or other large snakes. Medusa herself was totally at ease with the small Corn snake, however, the Large Carpet Python made her think twice about her chosen profession, even if it as only for a brief moment in the beginning. In the end though (I assured her that the serpent was nothing to fear as my own children have held her and she had been the star of many shows prior, Not to mention this wonderful girl has been in our care for over 10 years.)  I feared that medusa was going to end up taking her home as I believe they were kindred spirits. Click Here 

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